Organic Energizing Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil

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 A top-quality blend of five organic, carrier oils paired with the highest quality essential oils, works in harmony to delight the senses. For uplifting the mind.

Use during or after a bath to assist to revive and increase energy! Aromatherapy has a powerful effect on our sense of smell.

This luxurious oil will nourish and stimulate your skin and is absorbed into the skin within minutes to give a prolonged long term effect to health, mind, body, and spirit.

✅ Energizing  effect  - Immediate

✅ Moisturizing effect - Immediate


  • Avocado oil is filled with plant steroids, that smooth, soften and promote a lasting moisturizing effect. 
  • Coconut oil (Organic) improves skin elasticity and boosts collagen production, due to the presence of antioxidants ( Vit A & E ), which slow down the ageing process.
  • Eucalyptus oil is stimulating and uplifting.
  • Jojoba seed oil (Organic) helps reduce wrinkles, promotes the growth of new skin cells.
  • Olive oil (Organic) has natural lipids that contribute to natural sebum production.
  • Orange peel oil (Organic) gives a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter.
  • Sweet Almond oil contains vitamin E, B1, B2, B6, and A, they help remove dryness from the skin, plus deeply moisturize the skin.
  • Use a drop in the bath or apply gently onto dry skin.
  • Keep away from eyes. For external use only. Net weight 50ml.