Organic Chill Out Aromatherapy Essential Oil

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Creates a truly mellow sensation. 

Essential oils have been used for nearly 6,000 years, with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood.

Aromatherapy has a powerful effect on our sense of smell to relax our mind, body, and soul. Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, the part of the brain connected to smell, including the nose and the brain.

Molecules that enter the nose or mouth pass to the lungs, and from there, to other parts of the body. As the molecules reach the brain, they affect the limbic system, which is linked to emotions, heart rate, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance. In this way, essential oils can have a subtle, yet the holistic effect on the body.


✅ Olfactory effect –  Induces super settled and tranquil emotions.


  • Our Blue Chamomile essential oil from Germany, contains a higher concentration of chamazulene, an aromatic compound with a distinctive blue color and strong calming effect.
  • For those who generally feel a little scattered or on-edge, German chamomile can provide peace of mind.
  • French Lavender essential oil (Organic)as a magnificent relaxant, extends to the oldest civilizations, which already used it in baths and inhalations to relieve symptoms of nervousness, depression, or insomnia.
  • Lavender essential oil shines as a way to calm you down, it eases the blues and relaxes muscles.
  • This essential oil blend has an amazing ability to promote your mental health and wellness, specifically, calming down an anxious mind. 
  • Add to a bath or ceramic burner.
  • Keep away from the face. For external use only. Net weight 10ml.