Organic Age Defense Stem Cell Face Serum -10ml

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A super-intensive firming treatment serum to target pigmentation caused by age spots, sun damage, hormone changes, and skin irritation. For deep repair of cells.

Mystique Stem cells are the anti-ageing beauty ingredient of the century, This serum helps to regenerate and increase cellular renewal with Madonna Lily stem cells and Nopal stem cells derived from plants encourages the growth of your skin’s own stem cells to trigger their anti-ageing effects.

Rejuvenates and brightens the skin for an all-over smoothness. Helps skin stay hydrated, elastic, and looking fresh. Visibly lifts sagging skin, sculpts and defines the look of facial contours.


✅ Anti-wrinkle effect — after 28 days of treatment

✅ Brightening effect — after 56 days of treatment


  • Stem cells promote the production of collagen, the skin’s firming protein.

  • Lilium candidum stem cell is a symbol of purity, nobility, and majesty since Ancient times thanks to its white colour. Known as “Bright Light” Madonna Lily, active plant stem cells from this evergreen plant have been shown to interfere with the transfer of melanin to help prevent and decrease dark spots for a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion. 

  • Nopal Plant stem cell (Forseen Shield) is a precious cactus from the New World discovered by Mesoamerican civilizations that used it for its many benefits. Also known as prickly pear. It is one of the symbols of contemporary Mexico. The plant extract is used in products to protect, smooth, and moisturize the skin. It has also been used as a natural alternative to Botox because of its firming qualities. This plant cell is rich in Vitamins B, A, and C, all essential in anti-aging skincare.

  • Aloe Vera (Organic)is rich in water, hydrates the skin, and locks in moisture.
  • Collagen gives your skin more elasticity and firmness and eliminates the lines of expression that form over the years. Promotes epidermal regeneration.

  • Gives a protective layer against environmental impacts such as UV rays, environmental pollution, hormonal changes, and sun exposure.

  • Sodium Hyaluronate provides structure and volume, replenishes the skin.

  • Anti-oxidant - Slows down general cell oxidation, reduces the excessive production of free radicals.

  • Inhibits melanin transfer.

  • Reduces fine lines and skin looks younger.

  • Apply one drop all over the face and neck before moisturizer.

  • For external use only. Keep away from inner eyes. Net weight 10ml.